Beauty Works Hair

The Celebrity Choice Hair is sourced and selected from Mongolia where the hair is soft to touch, full of lustre and retains vitality. We use beautiful, hand selected 100% real human hair. The Beauty Works brand ensures long lasting, high quality hair, graded AAAA.  Each Micro / Nano pack contains 50g of double drawn hair at 0.8g per strand. 

Micro Rings

  • For thicker hair (bigger beads)

  • The Micro Rings technique involves attaching the bead to individual strands of your own hair. Each strand can flow freely whilst unique colour blends and clever lined placement creates amazing hair.

  • No heat and no glue

  • Available in 18" 20" and 24" length

  • Ideal for clients on the go

 Nano Rings

  • The Nano Tip bond technique is the smallest and most undetectable hair method.

  • No heat and no glue

  • The Nano Tip bond allows the hair to lie completely flat to the head.

  • Available in 18" 20" and 24" Length

  • Maintenance can take longer with the Nano Method

Clip In's

  • Fast and Effective service

  • No heat and no glue

  • Ideal for clients and salons on the go

  • Available in deluxe and double drawn.

  • 'Award Winning Deluxe Clip In Hair Extensions'

  • Hair comes on a lace weft with clips already attached measured to a standard head size.

  • Featuring a protective silicone layer on each clip to cushion your natural hair and protect breakage. 

  • Deluxe - 16" 18" and 20" (140g) per pack

  • Double Drawn - 18" (180g) or 22" (220g) per pack

  • Created Volume and allows you to wear your hair in a variety of hairstyles.

  • Easy to apply and remove